You can power WPCandy for a post, for a day, or forever


We’re very proud of what WPCandy has become in such a short time. If you remember, we relaunched the blog just a few months ago. And since then, WPCandy is becoming more than just a blog—we’re really becoming more of a community site here. The primary group to thank is actually you guys: the RSS readers, the iPhone app users, the Twitter followers, and the commenters.

And we’d like to ask for your help to continue on in the upward direction we’re headed.

WPCandy doesn’t allow advertisers, although we could. We honestly don’t want to be powered by advertisers. We want to be powered by you, the community. With the WPCandy iPhone app and our highly successful reverse launch deal, we believe the WordPress community has proven that it deserves nice things. We want to take that to the next level.

Starting today, we’re inviting you—the readers, peering through RSS windows and making this site what it is—to power WPCandy yourselves. By donating to WPCandy, you will very literally be powering what we think is becoming the WordPress community website.

You can power the site right now, in a few different ways. Full information is available on the donation page, but in short:

  • Build the WPCandy Factory at $5/month
  • Power a single post for a handful of mints (or $10)
  • Power a day for a bucket of mints (or $75)
  • Power a week for a wheelbarrow of mints (or $600)
  • Power a month for a truck of mints (or $2,500)

Do you have additional ideas, or ways you would like to power WPCandy? Get in touch.

So have you benefitted from WPCandy? Have you found that perfect theme or plugin? Perhaps it has entertained you with a constant IV of WordPress. This is one way you can show your thanks.

What do you get?

You’ll be thanked, you’ll receive byline credit on posts you help power, and you will be recognized as helping to grow this awesome site. If we can, we’ll find more awesome ways to thank you in the future as well.

How will people know you powered a post? We will give you credit, along with our post source.

All of the money sent to WPCandy goes directly to powering the site and making it possible for the team (and eventually others) to spend a serious amount of time on WPCandy and growing it.

What do you think?

We have a vision, but we also care about what you think. So what do you think of this new initiative? Will you help power this WordPress community resource by supporting WPCandy?

What now?

Now we go back to doing our best to make this site deserving of your love. Hopefully a few of you decide to click one of those buttons. It would really make our day.

Power WPCandy today.

22 thoughts on “You can power WPCandy for a post, for a day, or forever

    • Thanks Chris! In this case no, the credit won’t be a link that goes to the person’s site. We aren’t looking to trade cash for links here — that’s bad for a couple of reasons. But, it’s safe to say that those who power posts at WPCandy will be noticed more in the community. Absolutely they will.

      • So it’s basically advertising, then. If say, WooThemes donated a few dollars, the post would say “Powered by: WooThemes.”

        It’s little, it’s not a banner, it’s not a paid text link, but it’s still advertising. It’s advertising in it’s most basic sense.

        • I would argue that it’s significantly different than advertising, and that all of the ways it’s different are what makes it interesting.

          But fair enough: would you at least say it’s a creative form of advertising, if you think it’s that? And one where we’ve made it very much unlike most advertising?

          • Yes, it’s a creative form of advertising. I might be tempted to sponsor a post or two in the future, possibly. Just for the novelty, if nothing else. 🙂

  1. So if we choose to Build the WPCandy Factory, what benefits are included with this option? Feel free to get in touch with me via e-mail if you’d like. We’re interested!



    • Hey Jonathan, thanks for showing interest 🙂

      The monthly option puts you on the to-thank list, which we’ll do pretty regularly on the site, you’ll see. That, and you’ll be supporting the site in one of the more future-proofed ways we can dream up 🙂

      • Thanks for the quick reply!

        Any example of how the mentions will be done? Will we be mentioned in every post, every other post, every few posts, a weekly post? Just wondering how often :). I don’t expect the world for $5, just looking for some general idea so I know what to base my expectations on.

        Thanks again,


        • We plan on thanking all new contributors once weekly, and then on the podcast as well. A lot of how it will come together depends on the initial showing of support.

          If you’d like, you can hold off a week or two to see how it shakes out. The first example will be the end of this week, when we thank the first supporters.

  2. For this type of site, I don’t think non-intrusive, non-blinking sidebar ads are bad at all. I sometimes even enjoy finding out about offerings that way.

    • i dont mind ads on certain sites, for example wpengineer i will click on their ads, or smashingmagazine, because they are people you can trust.

      i will most likely buy from those type of sites.

  3. Strange idea. its advertising after all, but very minimal.
    Please remind me, whats so wrong with advertisement? its what makes the internet go round.
    P.S. I dont personally mind ads cuz I have ad block installed 🙂

    • I think your postscript statement points out exactly why we don’t think ads are the right way to go :). That’s not to say they can’t be pulled off well, but we think it’s possible, and worth a shot, to power a site like ours by the community rather than through ads. At least, we’d rather try something new before resorting to old methods.

  4. It makes sense to power WPcandy by the community. After all, this site is everything about WordPress. And doing this way is still advertising but with a different meaning.

  5. Just threw my first $10 towards WPCandy not because I am pimping any product, but because the info on this site has already helped me out of a few jams. Ryan you are doing an incredible job here. Keep it up. Look forward to putting more toward it in the future.

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