Take the WordPress Users Survey, win over $3,000 in prizes


Today we’re happy to announce the 2010 WPCandy WordPress Users Survey, as well as a WordPress giveaway valued at over $3,000.

WordPress is used every day by bloggers and professionals all over the worldโ€”but how and what for? Just who is using WordPress? This survey aims to compile survey data on these sorts of questions into a report for the benefit of the community.

By participating in this quick WordPress Users Survey, you will get three things:

  • Access to the final survey report in January. Just make sure you include your email with the survey. It will only be used for the one-time email delivering you the survey report.
  • Entered to win a $3,000 grand prize. More on this below.
  • The satisfaction of contributing to a community-driven endeavor that will benefit everyone. Also know as the feel-goods.

The survey will be available through December, and the final report will be created in January. Take the 2010 WPCandy WordPress Users Survey today!

Take the survey for a chance at over $3,000 in WordPress prizes

Such a project just wouldn’t be as much fun without a massive giveaway, right? That’s what we thought.

We’re very thankful to have so many supportive sponsors who have generously donated items for this giveaway. But let’s get right to it; the giveaway items are (in no particular order):

Yes, one winner will be chosen from the survey participants to win the list of prizes you just read.

Will it be you?

Other ways to enter

You can also be entered to win up to two more times (in addition to taking the survey). To be entered again, you can:

  • Tweet about the survey using the #wpcandy hashtag.
  • Blog about it, linking back to this post or the survey itself.

We’re very excited about this survey, and think it can provide some valuable insight into how WordPress is used all over the world. The more we can spread the word, the better!

Take the 2010 WPCandy WordPress Users Survey today!

29 thoughts on “Take the WordPress Users Survey, win over $3,000 in prizes

  1. I’m unable to finish this survey due to the fact that no options apply to me in the the question here below and I cannot leave all the options empty.

    I have built my own WordPress theme, either for myself or a client.
    I have built my own WordPress plugin.
    I have contributed code to WordPress core.
    I have donated to a free plugin/theme developer.
    I spend time weekly in the WordPress.org support forums.
    I have edited/contributed to the WordPress.org Codex.

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  3. Took survey, tweeted, and blogged about the survey. Hopefully you guys can gather up some more data. Interested in seeing what the results look like.

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  7. Taken, tweeted, blogged, commented and entered! Thanks for the opportunity! And I’m with @Nice above… more interested in the results than anything! (Of course winning would be awesome too!)

  8. Great survey and contest prize package! I’ll certainly be taking the survey, tweeting about it @Apposl or @FavTrip on Twitter, and posting about it on my personal blog at Apposl.com.

    What a great opportunity! Especially for those of us like myself who are broke veterans and aspiring entrepreneurs!

    All the best to everyone this holiday season!


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