Powered By system relaunched, powering WPCandy gets mintier


It has been very exciting to see the response to WPCandy’s Powered By system in the last six months. The response within our own community has been great, of course, and has stepped up to keep this site around and going strong. By the way, have I said thanks yet today? Thank you.

There has also been a surprising amount of interest in the model outside of our own community, from folks running their own communities elsewhere online. I’ve had a number of fun conversations with others who would like to apply a Powered By model to their own communities, which is just awesome.

Today I have a few updates to announce for the Powered By system, including the new illustrations picture above. Those illustrations are probably my favorite update, actually.

Awesome artwork by Wes Molebash

I mean, just look at that. Awesome.

Of course the clear highlight of this relaunch is the awesome artwork from Wes Molebash, who did an awesome job reinventing some of our favorite WPCandy imagery. Now when you keep the WPCandy factory running you can be confident that it’s quite stylish.

If there’s one thing the WordPress community could always use more if, it’s fun illustration like that.

Small, deliberate improvements

The core philosophy of the Powered By system is, of course, still firmly in place. This site exists because folks like you make it possible.

The first version of our system tied all donation levels very tightly to posts. That made sense at the time, since that was primarily what we did. Now, six months after the initial launch of that system, we do more than blog posts. We have a podcast that’s getting pretty dang good. We have this WPCandy Show experiment that is still mostly an experiment, but has a future. We also have other things like the stream we’d like to work more with, and more we’ll be adding to the site in the coming weeks.

In order to better accommodate what WPCandy is today, the language has been tweaked a bit so that powering WPCandy is done via amounts of mints, rather than number of posts. Each level brings with it a number of thanks/recognition across the site, but the new language makes everything a lot more flexible.

If you’ve familiarized yourself with our Powered By system before, I’d encourage you to go check it out now. The tweaks are minor, but I think important.

Powered By landing page comparison

What would a relaunch, even a small one like this, be without a comparison image? Click the image below for a large version. Old is on the left, minty fresh on the right.

Back to your regularly scheduled WordPress blogging

There you have it. I hope you are as happy with the new illustrations and the new direction for Powered By as I am. By the way, are you powering WPCandy yet?

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  1. This will NEVER catch on! Why, someone would have to be a fool to…

    What’s that?

    I did you say?

    Okay, so maybe this is a great idea. Dear you, anonymous reader, you too should help power WPCandy 🙂

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