Introducing the WPCandy Stream, streaming WordPress videos and chat


Edward Caissie is already on the Stream. Are you on the Stream yet?

I’m very excited to announce today the WPCandy Stream, the newest project in our little corner of the community. At you will now always find, 24/7, the best WordPress videos streamed directly into your eyeballs.

We’ll be live on the Stream when recording the podcast, when recording interviews, and of course any time big news happens within the community. The Stream is also equipped with a chat room, of course, so you will never feel alone. At least, not while on the Stream.

Currently the stream is filled with a number of our best interviews, a few WordCamp presentations, and the latest WPCandy Podcast as well. We’ll be tying a lot more of what we do here into the Stream, and we hope it can become a fun little corner of the WordPress community.

Would you like to be on the Stream?

If you have an idea, or something in production already that you would like to see on the WPCandy Stream, get in touch. We would love to include your work if we can! We have spoken to a few creative minds already that will make sure that the Stream will be filled with plenty of community minds.

So that’s it. Take a look at the WPCandy Stream. Odds are you’ll find an interview streaming when you get there and a few people in the chat room. Try it out, and let us know what you think!

6 thoughts on “Introducing the WPCandy Stream, streaming WordPress videos and chat

  1. Should be fun (and cool) if anything Ryan! 🙂 I think it’ll be really good with the live streaming that happens, you could do potential things like writing/publishing an article for WPCandy, more what goes on in the background at WPCandy (just a thought?)

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