Introducing WPCandy Discussions, the (new) place to discuss WordPress


I’m very excited today to introduce the brand new WPCandy forums, primed and ready for your words to fill them up. The forums are located at, and you can join in the conversation if you have a WPCandy account (join here if you don’t yet).

The forums you will be most interested in are:

  • General Discussion: If in doubt, start here.
  • Demo Your Work: If you have a new plugin, theme, or service to show off, take it here and get some feedback. Believe it or not, everyone around here just wants to see awesome stuff made.
  • WPCandy website help/bug reporting: There is now a place for questions if you run into an issue on the site, or have a problem with your Pro, or something like that. In other words, bugs come here to die.

You can jump in and talk right now, if you like. Just create a WPCandy account and have at it.

Behind the scenes

The forum is, of course, running on bbPress. We haven’t done a ton of customizations to bbPress just yet, as my post in the forum explains, since we want to feel out how the new plugin works before we make any real changes. Besides, bbPress is pretty dandy just how it is.

We’re also starting small and simple, without a ton of subforums here on launch day. As the discussions begin to happen and it becomes prudent to organize the conversations into more subforums, we’ll add them. For now, you know exactly where to go to both start, and find, fun WordPress community conversations.

Another fun step as a community

I’m personally very excited for the new forums because, as evidenced by some monster comment threads on our blog, our readers (that’s you) love to talk about WordPress. And now you don’t even have to rely on my poorly written puns to start the conversations. That’s just good for everyone.

So what are you waiting for? Head on over and get to talking.

6 thoughts on “Introducing WPCandy Discussions, the (new) place to discuss WordPress

  1. This is great, Ryan. Thank you for setting this up.

    When I first really starting diving into WordPress last year I looked for a good community-like forum dedicated to WP but couldn’t find one. I’m sure this will grow into what I (and probably others) have been wanting.

  2. WPTavern is feeling a bit old and rusty. Hopefully WPCandy can help liven things up a bit. 🙂

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