The WPCandy iPhone app is now available for $0.99

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We have had an awesome couple of weeks since the WPCandy WordPress News iPhone app was first released. It’s exciting to have a new way of accessing the site out and in your hands, and the feedback so far has confirmed our suspicion: apps for content driven websites like ours are worthwhile.

A few of the awesome comments we've received about the app so far.

Starting today (like, right now) you can get the WPCandy iPhone app for just $0.99. Our app launch deal was a success (and we’ll talk more about how it went soon) but ultimately we want as many people as possible to have the app. When you have a chance, stop by the App Store and grab the WPCandy IPhone app.

What are you waiting for?

Multiple ways to be a part of WPCandy

With the iPhone app and our latest WPCandy Dashboard Feed plugin, there are fewer excuses for not keeping up with the latest in the WordPress community. And that’s exactly what we want! We believe that while our blog is the source of our work, and most definitely deserving of the bulk of our attention, it’s important to maintain satellite access points, so to speak, for everything here.

Since we can’t be sure where you are, we need to be everywhere. And while we’re not there yet, we’re on our way

Or we could just track you down. Maybe that would be easier…

Updates coming to the iPhone app

We have a few enhancements coming to the iPhone app very soon, carrying with it a few enhancements and feature tweaks that we couldn’t quite fit in at launch. Keep an eye on this space, and we’ll update you when it’s available.

So, your turn. Do you have the iPhone app yet? Is there anything still holding you back? Let us know in the comments.