The WordPress Users Survey ends this Friday


We are now only a couple of days away from the conclusion of the WPCandy WordPress Users Survey. Remember that one? Let me refresh your memory. We’re hosting a survey, and giving away a massive list of WordPress items (valued at over $3,000) to one lucky participant. All you have to do is take the survey, and you’re entered to win.

To recap, we’re giving away:

Cool, right? Not even close to done yet. Also:

Phew, what a crazy list, right? Nope, there’s more:

That’s all, I promise. Now you could be the lucky one to walk away with this veritable booty, and all you have to do is take our survey. The survey should take around three minutes to complete. When it’s done we will turn the survey results into a beautiful report that you will also receive. You’ll get it free for completing the survey, right alongside those warm fuzzies you get when you do something awesome for the community.

Oh, and tweeting about the survey (after taking it) or blogging about it can up your chances to win too. Read more about the survey in detail, and take the darn thing already. Everyone else has, and you only have until Friday of this week to do it!

2 thoughts on “The WordPress Users Survey ends this Friday

  1. Hello,

    I searched through the site but didn’t see where it was announced – has a winner been chosen and are the results available yet?


    Thomas @ 99niches

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