22 thoughts on “Small tweak to the WPCandy login screen

  1. There I was thinking it was a modular login prompt with some super-awesome CSS3 magic blurring the current page behind it. Still looks very impressive though – great job!

  2. Interesting design, thought you should bring down the file size of the background image. I’ve got great bandwidth and it took a few seconds to load..

    Wish you we’re using my Custom Login plugin, if you’d like I can drop you a copy of the Pro version.

    • Good call — I dropped the file size of the background from 368 KB to 96 KB after a few minutes of tweaking.

      And you’re right, I should check out your Custom Login plugin. I’ll kick it into the review queue if you send a copy over.

    • Ha, sorry to disappoint Steve. It’s definitely a bit of a cheat in the execution, but I think the desired effect is still there.

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