Ryan will speak at the Grand Rapids meetup this week


I’m excited to say that I will be taking a bit of a drive to speak at the WordPress meetup in Grand Rapids, Michigan on Thursday of this week. Fourteen WordPress enthusiasts are expected to attend, if their Meetup.com page can be trusted.

We’ll be chatting about mine (and attendee’s) favorite WordPress plugins, so hopefully everyone will come away with a handful of new ones to try. I expect everyone will have a great time, so if you’re in the Grand Rapids area consider attending!

If you run any sort of WordPress event (meetup or otherwise) in the Midwest, let me know so that I can add one of your events to my calendar and swing by sometime.

And just out of curiosity: has anyone here ever attended a WordPress meetup that wasn’t held in their own city?

4 thoughts on “Ryan will speak at the Grand Rapids meetup this week

  1. Hi Ryan,
    I am the meetup organizer for the AZ meet-up. We actually had someone drive into Chandler from Strawberry which is about 3 hours away. They only came one time, but I thought it was quite admirable. We also had a presenter talk to us via teleconference from Illinois and we had some people watch the stream from out of state. We hope to do more of that type of stuff in the future. Maybe you could speak to us in AZ without ever leaving the midwest sometime. 🙂 Is Deborah leading that meetup? If so, tell her Hi for me. Have a great meeting!

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