Recording the Podcast Live Later Today

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For the third Theme Playground WordPress Podcast, being recorded today, we’re going to give it a shot live. This means that there will be streaming video, streaming audio, and a chat for anyone who wants to be a part of the process.

Today at 5:00pm EST will be the live recording of the podcast at the brand new ThemePlayground.TV.

Theme Playground dot TV logo

Not only that, a second voice

For those who have been saying that a second voice would really help the podcast, I absolutely agree! We’re going to give it a shot this time around with J. D. Bentley (on Twitter), who has agreed to sit across the virtual table with me and talk WordPress for an hour or so, later today. Bentley is a fellow web designer/developer who works with WordPress, and works from his web development company called Idea Anarchy. It should be interesting to have his perspective and thoughts on the topics we’re covering today.

Speaking of today’s topics

For the first time, here’s a brief list of what we’re planning on talking about today at 5:00pm EST. If anything here strikes your interest, be sure to tune in at ThemePlayground.TV and chime in with your thoughts.

Today, we’ll be covering:

  • Recent claim: the future of WordPress is in child themes. A bit of discussion over this statement: agreement and disagreement in the WordPress developer community.
  • Where do you find WordPress news and updates? Do you stick to the Dashboard or venture as far as Twitter?
  • Making a living with WordPress
  • Our (mine and then Bentley’s) top 5… well, that’s a secret!

Hopefully a couple of items there pop out at you. We’re definitely hoping for a few people to show up in the chat and give us some feedback. Tune in to ThemePlayground.TV at 5:00pm EST to catch the live feed. Follow me on Twitter to receive an update as we get closer to airtime.