Quarterly update: The magazine’s at the printer


I’m excited to announce that we’ve begun the last stage of production on the first issue of The WPCandy Quarterly. The issue’s files are with the printer now, and barring any last-minute issues we should see printing begin in the next couple of days.

In other words: the wait is just about over, and all orders will shortly be fulfilled. The magazine is 60 pages filled to the proverbial brim with articles from some of the smartest people in the WordPress community. Personally I can’t wait until you see what we’ve all been working on.

A first run of 2,000 issues

Based on the excitement around the project, and more specifically on the number of people who pre-ordered the magazine, this first print run will be for 2,000 prints. Two. Thousand. Thanks again to everyone who pre-ordered the Quarterly; you’ve made this project orders of magnitude larger than it would have been.

Keep in mind that while 2,000 is a large number (whew), we will likely sell out. I’m not sure when we’ll be able to print another run of this first issue. If you haven’t ordered a copy of the magazine yet, now is the time.

Please do, or else I’ll end up with boxes of magazines without a home. A veritable slew of homeless magazines.

Wow. What a sad thought.

Thanks for supporting something new

I’d like to thank everyone who has shown support for this project since I announced it eight weeks ago. Thanks for everyone’s patience while this came together. Finalizing the first issue took a bit longer than I anticipated (who knew starting a magazine would be difficult?) but it’s nearly there.

Making the jump from the web to the printed page isn’t a simple one. The process has been fun and challenging, but now I am excited to see it wrapping up and getting out the door.

And then? The second issue of the magazine, of course.

So, do I get to send you a magazine?

20 thoughts on “Quarterly update: The magazine’s at the printer

  1. Can’t wait for mine to arrive, I just ordered then.

    Just out of interest; many other international subscribers that you’ll be mailing to?

  2. I’m pretty excited about this for sure. I hope enough other folks see the value in a cool, physical product to keep this afloat for you guys! I can read a sh’load of WP info in my RSS reader daily. But I really like the idea of taking a break with a cool magazine!

  3. I ordered when you announced but had completely forgotten about it…what a nice surprise:)

    Maybe it will get hear soon enough to take on the flight with me from FL to WordCamp Phoenix!

    p.s. You headed there?

  4. Subscribed yesterday (well, last night Danish time) and I’m so looking forward to receiving it 🙂

  5. 2 months after payment, still no Quarterly received. Zero communication.
    After 3 times asking via mail and twitter with no response, i can say: Quarterly is a waste of money.

    • Hey Dave, I just saw this comment stuck in the spam queue for some reason. I’m sorry about the delays in shipping; there were some first-time bulk shipping issues I ran into that shouldn’t happen again in the future.

      I’ve contacted you by email with more information, but you should have received your magazine. If not, I’ll definitely figure out what went wrong.

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