The WPCandy Quarterly issue #1 is now shipping


I’m very happy, and admittedly a bit proud, to announce that the first issue of The WPCandy Quarterly is now shipping. The first batch of issues is (finally!) on its way to owners now.

If you’ve already purchased a copy of the Quarterly you should receive a shipping notification by email soon.

Did I mention I’m excited to get these in everyone’s hands? I am.

Then again, perhaps Indie (my cat) would prefer that none of you pick up a Quarterly. She’s quite happy sleeping on the boxes.

Order your own copy of the Quarterly

Any new orders will ship right away, so if you’ve been holding off until they were real and ready (not sure I blame you) then now is the time. Purchase a copy of The WPCandy Quarterly magazine today.

26 thoughts on “The WPCandy Quarterly issue #1 is now shipping

  1. This is super exciting news, Ryan! I can’t wait to receive my copy.

    From the looks of the photos, this is really something to be proud of 🙂

  2. Not to be ugly about it, but isn’t this going backwards? It looks great in the preview pictures and all, but a magazine about all about an internet publication tool? And it is quarterly which is snail speed compared to changes on WP and plugins often.

    • So no one should subscribe to “Us Weekly” because we can just get gossip off No one should subscribe to National Geographic magazine because they can just look outside their window right now?

      I understand the point you’re making, but that’s not the point of the magazine. Time will tell if WP Quarterly is worth publishing, but in my instance I subscribed because I enjoying having something tangible to browse through, plus the expectation of content that will only be found there.

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  4. If you’ve already purchased a copy of the Quarterly you should receive a shipping notification by email soon.

    What is the definition of “soon”? I haven’t received a notification in the past 7 days since this post was published. Thanks!

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  6. I received my shipping conformation on march 8th and still have no magazine. I check the mail every day and hope it will be there. Has anybody else received the physical magazine? I have been waiting for the 1st issue since before thanksgiving and even though I’m patient waiting 4 month is quite unreasonable. I believe that everyone should be compensated in some way. Any other business would compensate their customers in some way after a huge mess like this.

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