The WPCandy Quarterly print proofs are in


The WPCandy Quarterly is, as far as I know, the first-ever WordPress-centric magazine. Or rather, it will be when it begins shipping out to subscribers in the next week or so. On Friday I received the final print proofs, which wraps up the last necessary step before all the issue are printed and delivered.

I’ve dropped in a few photos of the proof sheets below. Of course I’m a bit biased, but I think this issue looks fantastic. I’ll have more to share about the production process next week, but I just couldn’t help sharing this update now. I’m pretty excited to see this coming together.

Remember, we have a limited number of issues. Pick one up today to be sure you have one of the first issues of the Quarterly.

Proof sheets

When magazines like this are produced, a number of pages are printed on one large sheet. The sheets are then cut down to the various spreads and folded into place.

Print vs. digital

Everyone who orders an issue will receive access to digital copies as well, but even so I think the printed version of the magazine is just cool. For this first run we have only 2,000 copies available — if you haven’t picked up a copy of The WPCandy Quarterly yet, now is the time.

11 thoughts on “The WPCandy Quarterly print proofs are in

  1. Y’all should put a “do not bend” on there somehow. My mailman likes to bend and ruin things. That looks just too gorgeous to get to me bent. heh – that’s what she said.

  2. I just purchased a year of issues. I am happy to support WP Candy. It looks great! Thanks for pulling it together.

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