The Quarterly Magazine’s design process, sped up on video


The first issue of The WPCandy Quarterly is in the printing queue as you read these words. Exciting, right? Since there’s nothing I can do to speed up the process (believe me, I would if I could) I’ve taken some time and looked back over the first issue’s development.

One thing I did, while the design process of the Quarterly moved along, was save several drafts. There were nearly 50 individual design drafts of this issue, actually (we drafted articles separately with the individual authors).

Since the drafts were interesting, I put together a quick video showing a few stages of development for various pages within the Quarterly. In the video you get to see the pages when they weren’t much more than words on a page, when they changed formats and styles, and then what they eventually become. I had fun making it, so I hope you enjoy watching it.

I’ve embedded the video below, just after the jump.

The video’s on YouTube and Vimeo. Thanks to 37signals for the inspiration for the general style.

I find it is useful to look back on early versions and first drafts to see exactly how much the magazine progressed. There were times, particularly on a large project like the Quarterly, where I needed inspiration to keep working on it. Peering back at the early versions and seeing how far it had come definitely helped keep me moving at times.

If you haven’t seen the proof or teaser photos yet, check them out.

What is The WPCandy Quarterly?

The Quarterly is a printed publication (yup, the real kind where you hold paper in your hands) featuring articles written by members of the WordPress community. The first issue includes 11 contributors writing about everything from theme frameworks and open source in the government to the ethos of the WordPress community itself. If you enjoy WPCandy at all (or even just a little bit) then this magazine is just for you.

If you haven’t picked up a copy of The WPCandy Quarterly yet, now is the time. Issues will be hot off the printer and shipped out in just a few days!

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