Power WPCandy in Phoenix (and at other WordCamps)

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We would like to expand our WordCamp coverage, on location whenever possible. In order to do that, we’ve added another way that you can power WPCandy: a backpack full of mints!

In order to allow WPCandy to expand and properly cover various WordCamp events the way they deserve to be covered, we’ve added a new level that you can find on the powered page, where you can donate directly for the purpose of bringing WPCandy to a specific WordCamp. The cost of powering WPCandy at a WordCamp will differ depending on the event—WordCamp Phoenix is first up, for instance, at $800—but the content created at a WordCamp will be (how can we put this?) abundant. Interviews, videos, photos, and reports from the event will be all over the blog during the event. And you could make it happen.

In other words, putting WPCandy at a WordCamp will result in enough coverage to make you feel like you’re there. Matter of fact, you could say that powering WPCandy at a WordCamp is like vicariously sending all of WPCandy’s readers there as well. On unicorns.

If you’d like to see us in Phoenix, drop by the powered page, find the new backpack image, and send as much as you can spare to us for the purpose of attending WordCamp Phoenix. We hope to see you there!

What other WordCamps would you like to see WPCandy at this year?