Find out who WPCandy has written about, and how we do it


At WPCandy we have a number of ways we organize our content, like a typical online magazine would. For a while we’ve used these organizational methods for primarily internal means, with a few odd links here and there thrown into our posts.

Today we’re publishing new ways to navigate some of this organization, using two new pages on the site. The first is at and the second is at

In short:

  • Our coverage page is an alphabetically sorted list of the people, companies, and events that WPCandy has covered (with links to the posts).
  • Our series page lists posts grouped by our various series of posts we have running on the site.

We have big plans for these sections over time. For now just enjoy perusing our series of posts and trying to find you or your business name mentioned in WPCandy posts. Play around with them, see if you notice anything fun, and let us know what you think about these new pages in the comments.

Thanks again for reading WPCandy!

17 thoughts on “Find out who WPCandy has written about, and how we do it

    • Ha! Yup, you can clearly gauge how much I, Ryan Imel, personally like you as a human being based on the count next to your taxonomy entry on the blog.


  1. I write on WPCandy (not as much as I should be) and even I can’t slip in a mention! 😉 Pretty cool though Ryan, oh, and I too would be intrigued in how you created the pages! — If only to get WPCandy closer to 2,000 published posts! 😀

  2. Great new sections and actually the sort of way I was hoping to organise some old content which I needed to up load again to one of my blogs. I know people have already asked but it would be brilliant to see a tutorial on how it was all set-up. Also have you done it in a way that the data could be grabbed to create some kind of automatic diagrams, charts, etc.

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