Lance Willett live on the WPCandy Stream at 18 UTC today


I’ll be sitting down with Automattician and Theme Wrangler Lance Willett this afternoon to discuss the growth of commercial themes on in the last year. We’ll be recording at 18 UTC on the Stream, so feel free to join in the (newly revamped) stream and chat room if you can.

It was around this time last year that Automattic announced they would introduce commercial themes on Around that time I also spoke with Lance then about the news, so it will be fun to touch base with him again about it.

If you have any questions about paid themes on, or anything that would fall under the purview of a Wrangler1, drop a note in the comments and I’ll be sure to ask him.

  1. Purview of a Wrangler, as it turns out, would be an awesome indie band name. Or a book. Or a blog. Dang, someone really needs to use that name for something.

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  1. Not sure if this is appropriate but would love to know what one can do to improve their chances of getting a job at Automattic as a Theme Wrangler. If there’s anything specific they look for as far as skills, experience, etc.

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