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You may be saying WP-what? Excellent question. Short one, but excellent nonetheless.

WPurls is a new project of mine that I’ve been nursing for a few weeks. It’s my effort into the new niche of WordPress link aggregation, in a similar vein as WPAZO and WPTopics. Where WPurls is different, though, is that you can submit links you come across about WordPress, and can find others that you’re interested in based on others’ bookmarks. This should prove to be an interesting way to track popular links in the WordPress arena.

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The way it works:

  1. Submit a WordPress link. Tag it, if you like.
  2. WPurls adds it to the link list and gives you a short, Twitter ready link to share.
  3. You share the link. Happiness abounds.

At least, that’s what it will be when it’s public. Right now WPurls is in private beta, and I’m looking to bring a few WordPress faithful in to give me some feedback. If you ever read I may even give the beta testers something cool for helping out (as if being one of the cool kids wasn’t enough!).

To join the beta let your interest be known in the comments, or just email me at ryan at themeplayground dot com. I’m looking forward to hearing from you!

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