Seeking WPCandy Ambassador(s) for WordCamp Reno this weekend

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WPCandy won’t be able to make it to WordCamp Reno this weekend. We were never powered to attend—bummer, right?

So instead, this is a callout to WPCandy readers and WordPress fanatics in Reno, Nevada who will be attending. I’m interested in naming a WPCandy Ambassador to Reno for anyone willing to fill in for us and help liveblog and generally cover the event. This seemed to work out well for WordCamp Orange County, so let’s do it again!

For anyone willing to help out this weekend by blogging about the event, sending over photos, and generally being our man/woman on the ground, we’ll send a WPCandy t-shirt and any other cool swag we can pull together.

You can get a good idea of what we typically do at events by looking at our past WordCamp coverage. If you’re interested in becoming a WPCandy Ambassador, leave a note in the comments below and we’ll get in touch.