Have any questions for the BuddyPress Core team?


This week’s WPCandy Roundtable will be filled with BuddyPress Core developers: John James Jacoby, Boone Gorges, and Paul Gibbs will be sitting down to chat. If you caught last week’s show with the marketplace theme developers, you’ll know a thing or two about what to expect tomorrow afternoon.

We’ll be streaming the Roundtable on the WPCandy Stream at 2pm EDT (18 UTC) with the chatroom buzzing if you’d like to swing by and get your question answered by the group.

Speaking of questions, if you have one (or a few) that you’d like to see posed to these BuddyPress pros leave it in the comments below. Make ’em good ones!

6 thoughts on “Have any questions for the BuddyPress Core team?

  1. Congratulations on the progress BuddyPress has made in the last 12 months or so. But there is one feature missing when compared to any other social network platform. One that keeps coming up over and over again with projects, clients and users.

    We need a media component for BuddyPress to allow uploading of images etc. Yes, there are plugins like BP Media/Albums, BP Gallery and others but most are under-developed, poorly executed or simply don’t do the job.

    We need a simple, elegant solution built into BuddyPress. Is it on the roadmap? If so, when?

  2. Exciting! JJJ’s post on template parts (http://buddypress.org/2012/04/the-default-theme/) is really intriguing, so it’ll be neat hearing more about that. Also, I might be a bit out of the loop here, but is Andy Peatling still working on BP? As for actual BP questions, I just have one… will core dev pick up BP Privacy where Jeff Sayre left off or are there any other future plans on adding privacy settings?

  3. Hi Guys,

    With the release of BBPress 2 and BuddyPress 1.5 everything seems to be in place to bridge the two. Steps have been made to pull this off, and http://testbp.org already has this working. Any estimation when this will be released to the public?

    Keep up the good work guys 🙂

  4. First I was wondering when we might realistically see the template parts become independent of the theme, so any WordPress theme can be used without modification?

    Second, can BuddyPress be installed on a network sub-site now, or does it still have to be activated on the main site? Furthermore, can it successfully work on a network within a network? If so is it active on all sites within that sub-network?

    Thanks for all you do!

    • And I figured this was just as good of time to ask as any…

      I have had trouble modifying the contents of the WordPress Toolbar when using BuddyPress. Any plugins strictly for the WordPress toolbar don’t seem to work with BP enabled and most of the BuddyPress related toolbar plugins either don’t work or don’t do the specific types of customizations I need (I know of one that adds all BuddyPress admin links). I know that the WordPress toolbar is now being used instead of the old buddybar. I know this used to be possible, but any code I have found online hasn’t proved to currently work anymore pertaining to the bar and when BuddyPress is in use.

      What are the best practices in order to modify the toolbar with BuddyPress active? Is there anything you can recommend to make this process easier? A working plugin that you know of? Or just a general direction I should be looking in as to where the files need to be modified. Can this be done without hacks by maybe writing a function for the mu-plugins folder?

      For example what I am trying to do with this project is remove the “random” links and replace them and/or add a dropdown of networked sites that would be seen to those also not logged in.

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