A Formal Invitation to the New Theme Playground Email Newsletter

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In case the subtle title threw you off, I am now going to start up an email newsletter here at the Playground to encourage some participation and discussion of this site’s development as well as WordPress issues as a whole. Would you like to join us?

The subscription box is over on the home page in the middle of the screen.

Some of the things I will be using the newsletter for:

  • Initiating discussion over WordPress news and topics,
  • Dropping advanced notice of upcoming additions to the Playground,
  • Allowing reader feedback to directly influence what happens here, and I might
  • Let slip some free resources or theme releases that won’t grace Theme Playground.

If that sounds enticing to any degree, please try it out. I’m pretty excited about it, both to see its success as well as see what sort of thing this community can turn it into.

So this is the beginning of something I’m excited about. What would it take for you to be excited about it?