Thanks to new supporters of WPCandy!


I’d like to take a moment and highlight some of the recent additions to the elite group of VIPs know as those who power WPCandy. If you’re new to WPCandy, you may not realize we don’t take advertising here. We don’t, not in the least. Instead, we accept donations (which we call powering WPCandy) and that’s how the site is sustained. We then thank those who power the site, both in posts when they are credited, across the whole site if they donate enough, and on the podcast. We also plan on thanking in person, when we meet all of you beautiful people. For now: virtual hugs.

Now I’m excited to get to the list of new folks who are now powering WPCandy:

  • First of all I’d like to thank both WooThemes, who powered WPCandy all of April, and Instinct Entertainment who have taken the baton and powered us through the month of May. Thanks to both teams!
  • Also a special thanks to the team behind the Group Deals plugin for powering WPCandy’s trip to WordCamp Raleigh later this month.
  • Nick and Darcy at Themify get their own standalone thank you, for sending over the only daily donations in a while by powering two days and (count ’em) five posts. Thanks guys!
  • I’d also like to thank everyone who has donated to power posts recently as well. This one’s a big list: John Saddington of 8bit, Luc De Brouwer, Jason at, Mark McWilliams (also an author here!), Noel Tock once again (for two posts), Alex Gurghis of, Gingah, DJ Smith (for two posts), Dre Armeda, (breath), Andrea and Ron Rennick of (for four posts), Rev. Voodoo of (for two posts), James Agate of, Cory Howell, M.K. Safi of, Austin of (for two posts), Charles Williamson, Sue Rutherford of eFrog Digital Design, Michael Davis, Jesper Johansen, and AJ Clarke of Thanks to all of you!
  • I’d also like to thank everyone who has decided to start up a monthly subscription at our “Forever” level on the site. These donations are very important, because they could make the site sustainable in the long term. I’d like to thank Mark Burnett of, David Bonds,, Paul de Wouters, John Pratt, Brad Williams of WebDevStudios, Michael Gyura of Poka Yoke Design, and Brian Richards. Thanks for subscribing!

If the list seems a bit longer than usual, you’re right—I missed the last one or two scheduled thank you posts. Shame on me. Thanks to everyone on this list for contributing to WPCandy in this way; it’s hugely appreciated!

Remember that you too can show up on this list and join our elite club by stepping up and powering WPCandy. We are 100% community powered here, and that means that you’re ultimately responsible for our very existence. Not to get metaphysical on you.

Also, if you’ve powered WPCandy, make sure you let us know where you’re from so we can add a pin to our map and showcase where in the world WPCandy is powered by.

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