Thanks to all of WPCandy’s new supporters this week!


I’m excited to thank those who came on board and starting supporting WPCandy in the last week or so. Everyone on this list has very literally made WPCandy possible, and we really appreciate it.

  • First of all, big thanks to Seth Shoultes of the event management plugin Event Espresso for powering a week at WPCandy. This is a big help, thanks Seth!
  • Thanks to Angel Cano Ydanez for powering a post at WPCandy. Also thanks to Satyanarayana Murthy Siv for powering a post as well, and for returning contributor R. Anthony Solis of Webshoo who powered a post at $10 this month as well.
  • Last but certainly not least, big thanks to Andrew Strojny and the crew at The Theme Foundry for powering WPCandy at WordCamp Seattle this year. Thanks to The Theme Foundry we will be able to attend and report on the events at Seattle in April, which should be great all around. Thanks guys!

Just a reminder to everyone that our $5/month “Forever” option is also available, and is what we believe, long term, could become our base. This is in addition to a number of other ways you can power WPCandy, and we’d be grateful if you did! We are 100% community powered here, and that means that you’re ultimately responsible for our operation.

Also, if you’ve powered WPCandy, make sure you let us know where you’re from so we can add a pin to our map and showcase where in the world WPCandy is powered by.

2 thoughts on “Thanks to all of WPCandy’s new supporters this week!

  1. Aloha Ryan! You do great work and you have become a part of my morning ritual. Nothing like my Kona coffee while reading

    If it wasn’t obvious; Webshoo is based on Oahu, the Hawaiian Islands. 🙂

    Thanks for all you do.

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