Thanks to all of WPCandy’s supporters this week!


I’m excited to thank those who came on board and starting supporting WPCandy this week. Everyone on this list has very literally made WPCandy possible, and we really appreciate it.

  • First of all, huge thanks to the WordPress User’s Association for powering WPCandy at WordCamp Phoenix, where we are doing our best to cover all of the great stuff going down there this weekend. They made it happen!
  • Thanks to Vidyut Luther of Zippy Kid, a WordPress hosting service, for powering a full day at the site for $75. Thanks Vidyut!
  • Big thanks to Niche Retail, LLC, Noel Tock of Theme Force, Media Zen Sas, and LeadPress for each powering a post at WPCandy for $10. Those posts are the lifeblood of the site, and you’re keeping them going!
  • Also, thanks to Mariusz Lublinski for digging in for the long haul with our $5/month subscription. In the long run, this subscription will really power the site!

Remember that you too can show up on this list by stepping up and powering WPCandy. We are 100% community powered here, and that means that you’re ultimately responsible for our operation.

Also, if you’ve powered WPCandy, make sure you let us know where you’re from so we can add a pin to our map and showcase where in the world WPCandy is powered by.

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  1. Tracy Richardson as a contributor is incorrect, the contributor was LeadPress per our previous convo. Would love to keep contributing, but since LeadPress is paying for this, they need to be mentioned, is this possible?

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