Thanks to all of WPCandy’s supporters this week

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I would very much like to thank all of the new supporters this week. This is the second week we’ve been accepting contributions to power WPCandy, and I really couldn’t be happier so far.

Everyone on this list has very literally made WPCandy possible this month, and we really appreciate it.

  • First of all, big thanks to Adii Pienaar for powering this week’s worth of posts.
  • Huge thanks to Wesley Williams and the folks at the WordPress Users Association for stepping up and powering WPCandy’s coverage of WordCamp Phoenix next week, for $800. It’s greatly appreciated!
  • Thanks also to Jason Schuller of Press75 and Theme Garden for powering a day at the site for $75 (fitting, I’d say!).
  • Thanks to Simon Rinkus of theme shop ThemeShift for powering a day on the site as well, at $75.
  • Thanks to Thomas Heinrichsdobler for powering a post at the site for $10. Also thanks to Dre Armeda for powering a post as well.
  • Last but not least, big thanks to Darcy Clarke of Themify, R. Anthony Solis of Webshoo, David Bonds and Michael Cromarty for each jumping onto our awesome “forever” subscription, at $5/month.

At WPCandy we are 100% community powered. What that means is that members of the community choose to power posts, days, weeks, months, and now WordCamps-worth of content on WPCandy. You too can see yourself thanked in a post like this if you reach out and power WPCandy. We would really appreciate it!

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