Siobhan McKeown planning Words for WordPress copywriting business launch


Moments ago WordPress blogger Siobhan McKeown announced her intentions to launch a new business soon called Words for WordPress, a copywriting service specifically for WordPress. Right now only a landing page is there, where she will happily accept your email address. Details aren’t clear yet, but presumably a “copywriting service” would cover standard blogging, documentation, […]


Siobhan McKeown’s notes on running a local meetup


I haven’t done the best job as the organizer of the WordPress meetup in my city. Our last event was in March (eesh) and I don’t spend the time on it that I should. Siobhan McKeown attended WordCamp Portsmouth and, as far as I can tell, did a killer job covering the event. One session […]

Making the most out of WordCamp


People are descending on San Francisco from around the world as I type. I leave tomorrow morning earlier than I go to bed some nights. WordCamp is an excellent opportunity to meet a ton of people in the WordPress community. Most normal people (myself included) only get to attend one or two a year at […]

The who, what, and where of WPCandy coverage in 2011


In addition to WPCandy’s 2011 in Review (which went up a few minutes ago, seriously go read it) I thought it would be fun to offer another round of tag clouds for 2011. So here’s what I did: I generated tag clouds for the various taxonomies used on WPCandy. I chose categories, people, companies and […]

Words for WordPress and its blue-hearted owl have launched


The new copywriting service for WordPress that we reported on a few days ago has opened its doors for business just in time for Halloween. While our original post was light on information, Siobhan McKeown has posted an in-depth overview of the service over at WPMU. From the overview: I thought that there might be space in the market […]

WordPress co-founder Mike Little predicts “increasing vertical use”


Mike Little was interviewed by Siobhan McKeown of at WordCamp Portsmouth over the weekend. During the interview they discussed many things, including the future of WordPress. Little didn’t want to speculate too much, but did say that he believes that in the future WordPress will see “an increasing vertical use.” Toward the end of […]

Mike Little, WordPress co-founder, interviewed by


Mike Little, co-founder of WordPress, was interviewed at WordCamp Portsmouth last weekend by Siobhan McKeown of The earliest days of WordPress are discussed, as well as recent advancements in the project. Little started the WordPress project from b2 alongside Matt Mullenweg in 2003.