WordPress 3.5 “Elvin” is released and ready for you


The next official release of WordPress, version 3.5, is now available and ready for your upgrading. This release comes after months of work, and six total release candidates. Be sure to check out our rundown of the new 3.5 features you should know about.

Worth noting: this release also killed off 945 trac tickets, which is a pretty staggering number really. By comparison, 3.4 cleared out 601 tickets and 3.3 did 596 tickets. Granted, ticket count isn’t the best way to determine the difficulty of a release, but those additional 300 tickets couldn’t have all been simple.

We’ll be tracking WordPress 3.5 updates and any potential issues that might come up, so keep an eye out for more. In the meantime, update — and let us know what you think below in the comments!

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BuddyPress 1.6.2 released, brings compatibility for WordPress 3.5


Version 1.6.2 of BuddyPress is now available, and fixes a couple of compatibility issues with WordPress 3.5. John James Jacoby says that if you are running BuddyPress 1.5 or 1.6 and also upgrading to WordPress 3.5 (who isn’t?) this one should be a safe and painless upgrade.

11 tickets were closed for this release, which you can read through on the BuddyPress Trac.

Speaking of WordPress 3.5, we should be seeing that release in the next hour or two. Who’s excited?

WordPress 3.4 sees over 28 million downloads in its life cycle


WordPress 3.5 should be dropping any time now, with RC3 and RC4 both released in the last couple of days. It’s only fitting to take a look at the WordPress.org download counter to see just how many times 3.4 has been released before it gets replaced by its successor. That number is 28 million. WordPress 3.4 has been downloaded over 28 million times since its release back in June.

For the math junkies out there, that’s approximately 160,000 downloads every day of its availability. Or nearly two downloads per second. By comparison, WordPress 3.3 saw just over 21 million downloads in about the same amount of time.

We should be able to start counting up WordPress 3.5 downloads real, real soon. Everyone ready for the big update?

WP Late Night #30: “Insane in the Maintainn”


Back from our Thanksgiving hiatus full of tryptophan and nonsense, the crew has its thirtieth episode in the can. Thirty. Episodes. Milestones are fun. So are italics.

First things first: big thanks to Robert Nienhuis, one of the organizers of WordCamp Orange County, for putting together the new, awesome WP Late Night logo. You can expect to see it showing up in a few more places real soon.

In this week’s episode we discussed the first release candidate of WordPress 3.5, WebDevStudios acquiring Startbox, WordPress maintenance services, and of course our bar tricks. Special guest Brian Richards also joined us for a few minutes to discuss Startbox and WebDevStudios.

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Or you can grab the show in a few other ways:

Full show notes are available just after the jump!

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WordPress Theme Review Guidelines are being, well, reviewed


The WordPress Theme Review Guidelines, in line with the upcoming release of WordPress 3.5, are under review and discussion by the Theme Review Team. Chip Bennett began the discussion on the Make WordPress Themes blog, where he explained the new version of WordPress will have little effect on themes aside from support for HiDPI screenshots.

Also up for discussion are new guidelines prohibiting themes from bundling custom content shortcodes, reduced criticality for content sidebar implementation in themes, and the importance of automatic feed links support in dot org themes.

A number of other items are brought up in the comments following Bennett’s post, and should be an interesting read for anyone who tries to stay on top of WordPress theme standards.

At the very least, the talk about prohibiting themes from bundling custom shortcodes sounds like a big step in the right direction — at least, I think I know of a few people who think so.

Now’s your chance for input: what would you like to see tweaked about the dot org theme review guidelines?

WordPress blog WP Mayor turns two years old


WP Mayor, a blog about WordPress and friend of the site, has turned two years old this week. The announcement also brought a new logo (shown above) designed by Kenneth Cachia. In its second year WP Mayor has grown quite a bit, Jean Galea said, with now more than 40,000 unique visitors per month, up from 25,000 per month the previous year. Galea also doubled the number of posts published in the second year.

Birthdays are fun times for reflection and congratulations. If you get a chance, swing by WP Mayor and wish them another positive year!

bbPress version 2.2 now available for download


If you’ve visited your WordPress update screen recently you’ve likely noticed that the latest point release of the bbPress plugin has been released. The fresh release brings “What’s New” and “Credits” pages, compatibility with the yet-in-beta WordPress 3.5 and BuddyPress 1.7, and improvements to theme compatibility and user roles and capabilities. 69 features and bug fixes in total made it into this release.

The bbPress Trac is the place to go if you’d like to dig into any of the specific tickets tied to this version.

As project lead JJJ points out in the release post, this marks the third major release for bbPress since it became a plugin. Speaking of which, how many forums have you established using bbPress as a plugin? Does anyone still use the old standalone version of bbPress anywhere?

WP Late Night #29: “You fork, I’ll spoon”


WP Late Night is back in full swing tonight with Brad, Dre and Ryan discussing the news of the week and the big WordPress events of the month. If you’ve been wondering about Pressnomics, John O’Nolan’s Ghost project, or Jetpack Photon than this is the show for you.


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WP Late Night Special Edition: WordPress Community Summit 2012


Very late in the evening after the WordPress Community Summit wrapped up (technically early morning, but you know what I mean) a group of five gathered around to discuss the event and what it means for the community. Myself, Brad and Dre, Brandon Dove and John Hawkins all discussed our thoughts on the first-ever community summit.

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No show notes this time around — it was much too late to have a laptop up keeping track of everything we discussed!


“But we’d make more money if we didn’t release those plugins.”


Speaking of plugins, Joost de Valk has published some of his thought process behind charging for his latest plugin release. I found this bit interesting:

There are some (though few) donations, there are people ordering website reviews, hiring me as a consultant etc. But we’d make more money if we didn’t release those plugins. That’s the cold and harsh reality. I’m not willing to stop releasing those plugins though. I’ve always said they’ll be free and I want to keep those that I’ve released for free, free.

In the post he says the sales of his Video SEO plugin have gone well, and he’ll be selling another plugin soon.