ThemeFortress releases new responsive theme framework called Reverie


ThemeFortress has released a new WordPress framework, Reverie, based off ZURB‘s Foundation framework. Reverie was built using HTML 5 and uses a grid system to help with creating layouts. It also uses media queries to adjust to different devices such as tablets and smart phones.

The feature list for Reverie includes:

  • HTML5 Boilerplate standard,
  • hNews microformat ready,
  • separate Foundation files,
  • clean image HTML output for TinyMCE,
  • custom menu output for ZURB’s sub navigation, and
  • custom caption output for HTML5 tags.

If you’re interested in more information about Reverie, check out the theme page over at ThemeFortress. If you use frameworks, what’s your go-to theme? Or do you prefer doing everything from nothing scratch?

Headway Themes hits a milestone: 3.0 and a fresh site design


Headway Themes has just released the third version of their drag n’ drop theme this week. This looks like a big release. Apparently they rewrote the code base from the ground up to improve the speed and allow for greater complexity. They’ve also revamped the user interface of the theme editing area and it looks pretty slick!

They’ve made tons of changes, more than I could cover here. Go ahead and check out the nice blog post they wrote about it. They’re also sporting a nice new site-wide redesign, which happened to be my pick in our last WPCandy podcast (you do listen to the podcast right?) Clay Griffiths and I are both alumnus of WPCoder; it’s really cool to see his business thriving. What about you, commentors? Any experiences with Headway?

First Taste: Pagelines Framework 2.0


I’m excited to introduce a new show to WPCandy today called First Taste. In this series of videos a couple of us will sit down for a few minutes with a new theme or plugin and just try it out. It’s not a full written review, but it’s also more than just a quick look. Get a preview of a product, a feel for how it operates, and hear our candid thoughts in each episode.

In this episode of First Taste, Brian and I take a look at the new Pagelines Framework 2.0 that was released yesterday. I’ll be publishing a proper review shortly, but in the meantime you can have a First Taste in the video posted after the jump.

The video is embedded at the top of this post’s page.

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MassivePress meetup #2 is taking place now


MassivePress, the group of collaborators from various corners of the WordPress community, are holding their second meetup this week in San Diego, California. The photo above is from the first day of their event, where each company is showcasing what they’ve been working on.

The last time these folks met up was back in August, and if this one is anything like last time we can expect a good number of photos (and videos) from the event.

In case you missed it: Multisite support for VaultPress is official


It’s been about three months since VaultPress previewed their new Multisite support, where they invited beta testers to come and help them test it out in the wild. We’re a bit late on this news, but there’s a good chance you might not have heard: a little while ago VaultPress announced that Multisite support had now been officially added to the plugin.

Krista Stevens pointed out within the announcement that each site would still require an individual subscription, with the cheapest option currently being $15 per month. VaultPress will still function as normal with your main site and backup the networks user table, plugins, and themes.

The (good) news swept round the internet and Twitter, although I do think a couple of people would have liked a different pricing structure. Donnacha Mac Gloinn mentioned it in the comments of the announcement post, where Pete Davis was on had with a reply:

[…] I agree with you that many companies would introduce some kind of sliding scale pricing with a product like this, and it’s something that we’ll probably look at too, but not yet: we’re focused on getting all the features built first.

Andrea Rennick does make an interesting point in a short post on WPMUTutorials.

Do you use VaultPress, and are you excited to see Multisite support as much as others are? Do you think they should have introduced a sliding scale pricing structure right from the start, or is it a smart move to get the functionality in place first?